Episode 1

Published on:

17th Dec 2023

Budgies on a Spring Morning in Birdsville, QLD

Kicking off a new season of The Quiet podcast, this short recording was made near Birdsville, QLD in September 2022. Listen to the budgerigars cheeping away as the wind blows past you (I think it's my best wind recording yet).

It's been two years since I last published an episode, to keep things simple and perhaps less distracting, there won't be any intros or outros to episodes anymore. On this ep you'll hear me walking away from the recorder, and back towards as the recording ends... hopefully it helps set the mood.

This recording was made with a Sennheiser 3D Ambeo headset, with a little HPF and gain in post.

Let me know what you think - anthonygarvin@gmail.com

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